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I made a lot of plans this week and hopefully I could cross each and every one of it by the end of the week. As I have mentioned a lot of times before, I am easily bored. I need a hobby. I thought of enrolling myself in French classes but they are waaaaay pricey. So I’ve come up with an alternative.

So this week it’s going to be:

MONDAY: Since we had a five day off work, I assume they are going to require us to work overtime. Monday is always a loooong busy day. So I decided to work overtime!

TUESDAY: I plan on getting back on swimming practice. I’ve convinced my cousin to be my swimming buddy every Tuesday night after work. I hope I could keep this up. I miss swimming!

WEDNESDAY: Rest day! I hope. I’m very unpredictable.

THURSDAY: Jogging with my officemates! Okay so I’m the only one who made this schedule, they don’t know about this yet. Hahaha. But I’ll force them, insert sinister laugh here.

FRIDAY: Everyone at work goes home early during Fridays. Honestly, I am the only one who ain’t rushing. Haha. So I’ll rush home, too, and work my abs out, oh yeah.

SATURDAY: My girl friend and I are going mall hoping today an watch movies! Huzzzah.

SUNDAY: I’ll (try) stay at home and be productive. Make drawings. Do chores. Clean my room, perhaps. And go to Church, of course.

It’s going to be a tough week for me! I hope I could make it through. How’s about you, guys? What are you planning this week? :)

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  • I am a very sweet friend. Lol #clingy
  • I love the color green. Green is nice. So.
  • I’m a dog-lover!
  • I’m a potter-head.
  • I’m a hugger.


  • I save 10 peso coins.
  • I don’t proofread my blog posts. (obviously)
  • I like staying up late and do whatever comes in mind.
  • I like drinking alcoholic stuff.
  • I used to smoke

Thanks for sending me these, funtaestickaiser & dreamerinthecity! ♥


Oh you’re too kind, itsrozee! You saved my life! Thank you! Haha. 

  • Where do you find your inspiration? First of, I don’t think I have an inspiration now, explaining how I have been blogging lately. But I guess I find random inspirations here on tumblr from other bloggers.
  • Do you write a diary or journal? I used to. But I always forget about having a journal so I stopped. But I write things on my planner sometimes.
  • When did you do something for the first time? Last wednesday, It was my first time inside a confession box. Because I usually confess my sins in front of a priest but not inside the confession box lol. 
  • What is something you are proud of? I can’t think of anything at the moment! Hahahaha. Sorry, I’ll get back to you on this tho. Haha.
  • 3 things about yourself: I wrote 10 things about myself above. Hihihi.


No, my dear conyo anon, I am not mayaman. I guess you are, then? Hahahaha.

Any more questions/queries/violent reactions/whatsoever, just leave a message on my ask box

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Hi guys! I changed my blog button, again. I didn’t want anything er girly anymore so I stuck with black and white. There’s black and white, you can get to pick which you’d like to use. I’m such a weirdo.

Anyways! I have cleared the blog button area on my blog yesterday and I’m having a hard time tracking all the codes that was in there before. Hahaha! I think I’ll start over again. 

Can you guys exchange buttons with me? :)

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I was probably the laziest human being yesterday. The plan was to clean the house with my lil brother but I ended up hooked with me ipod instead and my brother watched Fairy Tail. When we realized it was already 4pm and we haven’t started on anything yet, we kinda panicked! Hahaha. Because our mom is going to be really pissed when she gets home and see nothing got “cleaned”. But we made it through.

All I wanted was to drink (i know), I wanted beer! I asked all my set of friends if they could come by and just hang, but they were all too busy. Some were way too far so I didn’t bother asking. Some were visiting Kalbaryos in Poblacion. Some went Alay-Lakad. My cousins also went to Poblacion. I was a loner, a loser, forever alone. Hahaha. I badly wanted beer that I asked my mom to drink with me, but that was kind of a joke, kind of! Hahaha. I’m not ready to have a one-on-one drinking sesh with my mom, not just yet. And because I was lazy, I didn’t satisfy my craving for beer. Convinent stores near us were under renovation. Both Ministop and 7/11!! My feet was still injured so I couldn’t go walking too far. Can’t afford making too many steps. Hahahaha.

So I just watched Suits all night while I was playing with my pens and planner.

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