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1. Kiss that cute boy at the party, but push him away as soon as he puts his hand up your skirt
2. Smoke a cigarette for the first time, and make it your last
3. Don’t straighten your hair for a week, see how many compliments you get
4. Blast your favourite song even when your mum has told you off for playing it too loudly. Enjoy those 3 minutes of pure happiness before she pulls the plug out.
5. Say yes to going out, you’ll have something to tell your grandchildren about
6. Paint a sun on a rainy day, then stick it to the window
7. Eat the cupcake, you have better things to worry about than those 300 calories
8. Do yoga and meditate as often as possible
9. Stand up for yourself. Someone called you a slut? Someone said you are ugly? Someone said your art work was boring and dull? That is your cue to fucking stand up for yourself and make them speechless
10. Don’t respond to a group of males whistling at you. You’re a human being, not a fucking dog
11. Leave your headphones at home, see how much you are missing out on because you’re always lost in your own thoughts
12. Carry hand sanitizer and bandaids in your purse
13. Wear sexy underwear, loads of leather, a fur coat, heels and purple lipstick. Do it for yourself, not for the hot guy next door.
14. If you’re having a bad day, cry, scream, punch a pillow, throw stuff around. Then you pick up the mess, including yourself and get back up.
15. Smile, be polite and get on peoples good sides for starters
16. Stop waiting for your crush, stop dressing up for the bar man that serves you a free drink or staying extra hours at work for your boss. Stop impressing these dickheads and start impressing yourself.
17. Laugh until you cry, and when the girl sitting next to you in class tells you to shut up, laugh even louder.
18. Do whatever feels right in the moment, laugh, cringe and regret it later. Repeat.
- insical  (via impetrate)

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What plans?

My previous post was about my plans for this whole week, from Monday to Sunday. And guess what? It seems like I won’t be able to cross anything out from the list of plans I made. Except maybe for Sunday, but it’s too soon to even say anything.

Monday — I planned on working overtime but I finished my job at exactly 6pm. How can I start a new job when everyone else is busy packing up their things and rushing to the door? So I was forced to leave early. Hahahaha!

Tuesday — I planned on going to the pool and practice swimming but un-fcking-fortunately, my swimming buddy was called for duty. Dang. So I went to Gene’s birthday party instead.

Speaking of Gene (the ex), I went to the mall to buy him a present. I didn’t want to buy him anything he could use so he won’t be able to remember me when he uses it lol, so I bought him donuts! He didn’t know I would come, so I “somewhat” surprised him. And Gooood there were a lot of people! Dang. I couldn’t bear it. The fact that it’s the first time I’ve even met those people terrifies me! Never actually met his college friends, so yeah. I was so ashamed of myself, like why did I even come? Shit. It was really embarrassing. And all his family members were like, “Uy, Nika!” I literally almost cried, they were all so overwhelming. Even after what I’ve done. I still feel guilty.

Moving on, I was basically OP the whole time, Gene was so busy with all his guests to even talk to me. So I drank with SOME (two and a half) of his friends that I (could) talk to. And after one drink, I wanted to go home.

He walked me to the trike stand and we waited for a ride. We talked. I thanked him for the food and he thanked me for the donuts. (Awkward) But then he gave me a hug which I undeniably missed. I hugged him back. For a second there I didn’t want to let go. I didn’t. This is probably the first time in months, I missed him. But I had to let go (may tricycle na kasi!) otherwise I’d get us both confused!

And now here I am wondering what will happen next.

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I made a lot of plans this week and hopefully I could cross each and every one of it by the end of the week. As I have mentioned a lot of times before, I am easily bored. I need a hobby. I thought of enrolling myself in French classes but they are waaaaay pricey. So I’ve come up with an alternative.

So this week it’s going to be:

MONDAY: Since we had a five day off work, I assume they are going to require us to work overtime. Monday is always a loooong busy day. So I decided to work overtime!

TUESDAY: I plan on getting back on swimming practice. I’ve convinced my cousin to be my swimming buddy every Tuesday night after work. I hope I could keep this up. I miss swimming!

WEDNESDAY: Rest day! I hope. I’m very unpredictable.

THURSDAY: Jogging with my officemates! Okay so I’m the only one who made this schedule, they don’t know about this yet. Hahaha. But I’ll force them, insert sinister laugh here.

FRIDAY: Everyone at work goes home early during Fridays. Honestly, I am the only one who ain’t rushing. Haha. So I’ll rush home, too, and work my abs out, oh yeah.

SATURDAY: My girl friend and I are going mall hoping today an watch movies! Huzzzah.

SUNDAY: I’ll (try) stay at home and be productive. Make drawings. Do chores. Clean my room, perhaps. And go to Church, of course.

It’s going to be a tough week for me! I hope I could make it through. How’s about you, guys? What are you planning this week? :)

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  • I am a very sweet friend. Lol #clingy
  • I love the color green. Green is nice. So.
  • I’m a dog-lover!
  • I’m a potter-head.
  • I’m a hugger.


  • I save 10 peso coins.
  • I don’t proofread my blog posts. (obviously)
  • I like staying up late and do whatever comes in mind.
  • I like drinking alcoholic stuff.
  • I used to smoke

Thanks for sending me these, funtaestickaiser & dreamerinthecity! ♥


Oh you’re too kind, itsrozee! You saved my life! Thank you! Haha. 

  • Where do you find your inspiration? First of, I don’t think I have an inspiration now, explaining how I have been blogging lately. But I guess I find random inspirations here on tumblr from other bloggers.
  • Do you write a diary or journal? I used to. But I always forget about having a journal so I stopped. But I write things on my planner sometimes.
  • When did you do something for the first time? Last wednesday, It was my first time inside a confession box. Because I usually confess my sins in front of a priest but not inside the confession box lol. 
  • What is something you are proud of? I can’t think of anything at the moment! Hahahaha. Sorry, I’ll get back to you on this tho. Haha.
  • 3 things about yourself: I wrote 10 things about myself above. Hihihi.


No, my dear conyo anon, I am not mayaman. I guess you are, then? Hahahaha.

Any more questions/queries/violent reactions/whatsoever, just leave a message on my ask box

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